About my Self.

About me!!

Donald Bowling

I am originally from the Eastern Shore of Virginia I now live in Richmond, VA. and attend VCU/MVC School of Medicine. One of my areas of medical research is paleopathology which involves the use of modern pathology techniques on ancient mummy remains. Upon graduation from medical school I plan to pursue a career in the area of  pathology, surgery, or emergency medicine. If you are interested in pathological autopsies Click Here I now spend any free time I have on the Eastern Shore running Fire and Ambulance Calls with Onley Volunteer Fire and Rescue

I am a member of the Chrysalis / Emmaus movement on the Eastern Shore of Virginia and would appreciate if members of other communities would drop me a line so we can discuss upcoming walks.

I currently attend The Medical College of Virginia / Virginia Commonwealth University and I am Medical Technologist (ASCP) / Medical Student.

What follows are links to term papers I have written. You are welcome to use the ideas in my papers with proper citation. Remember plagiarism is illegal.

  • 12th grade term paper on The Use of DNA Fingerprinting in Forensic Science.
  • 11th grade term paper on The Great Awakening.
  • 10th grade term paper on Publius Virgilius Maro. (Virgil author of the Aeneid).
  • English 100 paper one on My Trip to Peru.
  • English 100 paper two on Emerging Infectious Disease
  • Political Science 101 paper on Socialized Healthcare
  • English 200 paper on the practice of hospital pathology entitled The Unseen Physician.
  • My Resume
  • Patient Information Brochure on Tangier Disease

    Contact Info:

    Email Address - bowlingdb@mail2.vcu.edu