Lets Talk Science!!

I have always had a fascination with science as long as I can remember. I am currently a Clinical Lab Sciences / Premed Student at VCU-MCV. The Internet has a great wealth of information in the area of the sciences. (Especially since the Internet was created by scientists for scientists). I thought I could share some of this vast wealth of information with you. Also you might want to learn some more About Me .

Here is a satirical view on women's and men's brains.

Science Links

  • The Visible Human Project
  • Chemical Database with Stuctural Images
  • The Discovery Channel
  • Interactive frog dissection
  • Listing of current Outbreaks
  • Discussion forums on Science Subjects
  • Nature Magazine
  • Scientific American Magazine
  • Journal of Improbable Research
  • Great site has links to all kind of health info.
  • Documents on medicine published by the US Navy
  •     Pathology and Clinical Lab Sciences

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